We arrived the orphanage at 10 minutes past 1 o clock pm and we were welcomed by the coordinator of the orphanage Mr. Ivan Elombe who turns out to be the son of the owner of the orphanage. He introduced us to his mother Mrs. Josephine Ngale, founder of the orphanage, a retired inspector of police who was a security keeper with the united state security.

She gave us a brief history of telling us that, the orphanage was founded in 2005 in Limbe, and has had about 40 children   and amongst these children 3 are in the university, 4 are writing the ordinary level and 2 writing the advanced level. These children are coming from all the regions and towns of Cameroon, such as Manyu, Kwakwa, Wututu and many others.  

The orphanage equally  does outreach programs  such as reaching out to abandoned families  like the Abanjongs  family which are  11  in number , the Bikes  are 5  in number , the Ncham and the Daouadas family. After this brief history of the orphanage and its activities carried out a session of praise and worship    followed handled by the coordinator Mr. Ivan Elombe.

  Moving on to the activities of the day, Mr. George  the representative of AFRICKIKO FOUNDATION encourage the children to be one another keeper, praying for each other and most importantly sensitizing them on the importance of  sanitizing and washing their hands  which is a good way to kick out the corona virus pandemic. The representative of MANDA FOUNDATION Mrs. Emmaculate  and Mr. Sandra ,added more light to these by educating the children on the importance of obedience  drawing their minds to fend be patient and trust God take their book work seriously so they can fend  for themselves in the future  and take care of others, and be responsible. They equally brought food for the children (rice, chicken and fried plantains with some drinks).

More so, Mr. Ivan Elombe let us in on his plans he has for the children, which of helping them develop skills which will help. In addition, one of the children was celebrating her birthday by name Zoe, we all joined her in celebrating her birthday, while the other children presented their hand work where they made some beautiful market bags and were selling it for 5000frs each and members of the foundation bought two bags and the children called upon both foundations to market their products so they can generate more income which enable them pay school fees and get food stuff.  Again, Mr. Blaise of the AFRICKIKO FOUNDATION, presented the items brought for the orphans

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