Christmas outreach at Safe The Child Alliance Orphanage

From research, I’ve learned that many of our orphanage visits and others across the country also have fond Christmas memories. Our orphanage visits celebrations and traditions often were better than the ones we experienced before. 

The Africkiko foundation group arrived at Save The Children Alliance Orphanage at 9am on the 18th of December, 2021. We started the day with a clean-up campaign; we cleaned their environment and talked to them about the importance of cleanliness. It is very important to always make sure their environment is neat at all times, like the saying goes thus Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The light manual labour and clean-up campaign took us about 2hours after which we dived into the event proper of the day.

After the cleaning up campaign, we moved straight into the business of the day. The kids started with prayers before we began with activities. The founder of Africkiko Mr. Ayompe Simon spoke to the children at the orphanage, he told them about the importance of being together especially during Christmas periods, they should always live together as one big family, to always remember that the orphanage is their home and they will always be loved by us and everyone around them. He talked with the kids and asked them to be focus and trust God. He spoke to them to cherish every moment with their brothers and sisters at the orphanage because they are one big family and it’s very important for them to stay together during Christmas. The hall was very excited and we could see the joy on the faces of the children after the kind and soft words from the Africkiko CEO. The clapping and cheering clearly indicated it was a great talk with the kids and message well understood.

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