Charity visit to Zion Restoration Orphanage & Less Privileged DOUALA

We arrived the orphanage at 1:40pm just 10minutes walk from the junction and we were all gathered at the orphange where Mrs Kafa loveline expressed her joy and happiness recieving us at their home with the children. The joy on her face says was immensed and her husband Mr Epey equally added words to appreciate our efforts and grattitude to us for remembering them.

The children at the orphange were approximately 38 in number, ranging from a new born baby that’s about 6months old to the oldest which was 17years. They came from all over Africa such as Congo,Burkina Faso,Chad and Cameroon aswell. They live together as one big family and in a God-fearing manner as they are brought up by Mr Epey and wife who are pastors. They are growing up with the fear of God in them and to become responsible children in the society tomorrow. Mr and Mrs Epey are already doing a wonderful job by sending them to school and they had a girl already preparing for her GCE ordinary level examination eventhough they expressed the difficulties they faced to raised money for the fees but with God on their side they still manage to send them to school at all cost. they equally complained about hospital bills too when the children fall sick. They have difficulties in buying the drugs for the children and they asked if they could get assistance like health insurance to help subdue the bills whenever the children are sick so they could get proper treatment.

Moreover, we met a small girl of age 5years old who was sick and Blaise gave the mother Mrs Kafa a sum of 15 thouands francs to buy medication for the little girl who was sick.

Later that day, Africkiko foundation brought food and drinks which we shared to all the children in the orphanage including some neighbouring kids who were around to join and share with us as we ate with them and shared one or two soft drinks with them.we ate friec rice with chicken and took a bottle of plastic drinks such coke cola, fanta, spirite etc.

Nevertheless, after eating and drinking with the children and the owners of the orphanage, we took group pictures with the children and the items we brought for them. we had a couple of pictures with the children and the founders. We handed over the items we brought to the mother of the house, in every society, its always the woman who takes care of the house. Items collected were a bag of rice, groundnut oil 10litres, hand sanitizers, soft drinks, sanitary pads etc.

To get full report of this visit please download here or visit Our Gallery for pictures

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