This project is held every end of the year between the 5th and the 22nd of December. We indulge the little ones into the spirit and festivities of Christmas. During this period, we celebrate the gift of family and loved ones. Africkiko Foundation invites partners, friends, family and the entire community to come and celebrate with the kids while bringing them the warmth of the season and the love of family.   Within the period of the 15th and 17th of December 2020, we went towards a few persons to talk to them about the Christmas tree project and we were able to raise the expected amount. In the year 2020, due to the pandemic, many orphanages reached out to us for assistance especially for feeding and other necessities for survival. The money raised was spent on the purchasing of the Christmas tree with decorations, Christmas toys, food items such as Garri, Rice, Tomatoes, Corn, beans. Also, sanitary napkins, soap, detergent, slippers and many others not mentioned. Cooked food was included in the budget as well as the transportation of the members to the orphanage.

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