The objective of this program was to aid these orphans with their basic necessities needed during the back to school period, provide food  and to help educate them on how to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Kumba being one of the main cities gravely affected by the anglophone crisis, we made it our responsibility to assist some of the children, now orphans because of the crisis or other circumstance with the basic necessities.

It was a difficult journey to the location because of the military activities as well as the rebel forces but God made it possible for to get there safe and spend quality time with some amazing children. We handed over food items, tools for education like books, pens, pencils, cloths, including buckets, soap and more.

The children express gratitude for the visit and we shared a meal with them. The owner of the orphanage explained to us that the number of orphans increase every month because of the anglophone crisis and expressed her need for more assistance and we were determined to assist in any way we can.

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